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Camy Calve Events is known as one of the premier non-profit event planning consultancies in New York, NY. The mission of Camy Calve Events is to help organizations increase their funding potential, further build on their donor base, and increase their profile within their industry. This is completed through a variety of innovative strategies to help increase awareness of the organization and its leader, Camy Calve. Camy Calve has become known as a leader in the industry and has helped non-profit organizations achieve success through strategic fundraising efforts. 

When first beginning the process, Camy Calve Events focuses on helping organizations secure an honoree for their specific event. Honorees are an important part of the process, as finding a strong honoree can help to increase the level of fundraising for the event itself significantly. As the process continues to move forward, Camy Calve Events provides guidance on how to elect other important roles that help increase awareness of the event, including the co-chairs. Co-chairs are responsible for spreading the word about the event in an effort to increase the overall attendance and donor base. Working with the organization, honorees and co-chairs, Camy Calve Events provides ongoing support to ensure that the community hears about the event. 

Non-profit organizations need to focus resources on donor cultivation, as it can have a profound impact on their long-term success. Camy Calve Events is dedicated to helping organizations achieve this success by helping them build meaningful relationships through donor cultivation. In doing so, organizations can continue building meaningful relationships with donors.

In addition to their continued support in donor cultivation, Camy Calve Event also helps organizations through the planning process. From creating the mailing supplies for save-the-date cards to maintaining the attendance list, we are available as a resource every step of the way. Keeping a detailed database of attendees and donors is highly beneficial for non-profit organizations, not only during the event but after it is done as well. 

During the night of the event, Camy Calve Events will be available to help the event run smoothly. From managing the registration process to completing various details like floral arrangements and audio arrangements. We are available to act as a resource for the staff during the event as well, to help make the event as successful as possible. 

To learn more about Camy Calve Events, visit them on LinkedIn.